Why choose TironiS’?
To a just question, we give you a just answer because we are a family run business, where our vocation and passion for a craft product has always inspired our every single production.
We are truly a market leader in confectionery and pralines, truly the best. Founded in 1933 by Giovanni Tironi and passed down to the next generations today the business is run by Costanza Tironi.

To talk about us could seem simple enough, in effect it is, but what counts are the facts, that is to say, what we make. Therefore, with this catalogue we do not expect to be able to give you a complete idea of our company, howether we do expect to be able to give you a truthful indication of how TironiS’ creates and makes every single product.

Starting with our inhouse laboratory, where you can have the first impression, to the old copper plants which are still in use today for special productions, to our most modern and uptodate technology plants, and finally but not least, the high standard of training all of our employees receive.


All of these factors put together, have enabled us even to patent our more innovative products, which are made to the highest of standards.
Both you and the final consumer will be contented and above all proud of your choice of being with us.
Having now understood, how much work, attention to detail, almost like an obsession, whit which everyone in the business strives to achieve absolute perfection, a goal which is close, but humanly unattainable.
Our business is founded on absolute quality.
Now, please chose one of our products open your mouth and close your eyes.
Surely you have just tasted something which is very unusual?